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Thats what it’s called when you come off a deep focus and you wander the world like a man dropped off after an alien abduction. You don’t know who you are, where you are, what your name is or what you’re supposed to do. You have to wander, frustratingly, feeling like, no, knowing that there is something you should be doing- but you are unable to, because you have no reference point from where to work from.

The fog is lifting now, and I feel the inspiration again. I touched base with a couple of artists and points of inspiration and I am feeling closer to centering again. Back to work.


Apologies, my love.

I haven’t been here for you, not in full respect. I’ve been here, you are always in my heart and often praise of you passes my lips before mention of anything else. You are my banner, my flag, my purpose, really, for living- but I havent been here for you in the last few days because I’ve been otherwise occupied.

It’s not that I love you any less, but actually that I had to add to items that support you. is now up and right there on the first page, there you are, first of the links.Β 

Now if you’ll forgive me I need a couple more days of down time before I get back to work on you, I feel creatively drained. I think I’ll work on canvas over the weekend and the change in medium, staying away from staring into a screen for hours at a time should help. We’ll get back to making you the best thing that ever happened on Earth by Monday, I promise.

Love, yours always,

Daniel Damian M921

Light Bulb

Public Domain

I get Ideas and I fail to write them down, so often I re-idea. Something akin to the original inspiration will by chance revisit me and I will have the idea all over again. One of those is Public Domain.

Public Domain is what I’m going to call a sister project to Graffitti Park, an assistant-project if you will.

It’s simple- Take good high quality photographs of graffitti that has been done illegally (not mural work, commissioned work, or anything “official), and market it for sale.

T-shirts, Framed Art, Posters, Limited Edition Prints- you name it, use this “free art” that’s out there and make a dime off of it. Dedicate a percentage of that dime to the public side of Graffitti Park.

This will also serve to show the Graffitti Artist that unless you are truly trying to make a socio-political statement, your expression is better served in a format you can profit from as an artist and as an example for others to follow.

PD would act as a sweeper in a way, shuffling the artist on the street toward Graffitti Park.

Start up backlash

Yes, there’s bound to be the artist who will resent the fact PD will profit from their criminal activity- sure. But that’s the point. Using the angst ridden anarchist rebellious intent and turning it against the self destructive and art-crippling aspect of unorganized dirt-graffitti as I like to call it.

Don’t do it unless you can claim it, preserve it, market it and profit from it. That’s the message.

And like a child misusing a toy theyve been given, PD will snatch that toy away by saying- “you broke the law so you can’t claim it without turning yourself in- so we’re going to take a picture of it as Public Domain, and profit from it right in your face, and you can’t do anything about that- but if you want to learn how to make art for profit, we’ll show you over at Graffitti Park.”

What’s to prevent the artist from doing a “throw up” on a store gate and taking a picture themselves, putting it on a shirt and selling it?

It’s simple; If they do that,

1. they may be claiming it, and confessing to a crime.

2. They may not have the means to reproduce that art and profit from it as significantly as a marketing machine such as Graffiti Park can. If they found another marketer and producer, same as 1- they’re self-incriminating.

3. Public Domain will actively work to produce a higher quality product surpassing that any independent artist can come up with- and mass produce it on a level beyond the small entrepreneur’s capability.

Witht he same tenacity and ferocity some vandalism is committed, this branch of Graffitti Park will aslo police the streets so to speak. As art is collected and compiled, it will be documented and recorded of course. As a matter of self interest as well as community service, graffitti that is “claimed” in a way imitating Public Domain’s efforts will be reported to the authorities, further influencing the dirt-graff artist to come in from the cold and off the streets with their expression, or stop doing it altogether if their reason isn’t artistic expression at all.

In other news- since this is the blog and not the page that I just put up on the same subject-

Robot Head design is going well. Comic Con was good. Exhausting and exposure to so many germs have my sinuses infected a bit, but it was worth it to see that the graffitti world, at least in New York, is not organized enough and “above ground” enough yet to have passed me by yet. I haven’t missed the boat and Graffitti Park still has a chance.

Back to work.