Like no other place on Earth

Second Day- Going Live.

Not much to say other than it’s kind of frustrating finding a way to manage the settings on these blogs. I like this theme a lot- but jesus christ- do I have to post a picture IN a post – to have it featured in the Home Page Slide Show? And can it say that clearly somewhere that ONLY if you post a picture in a “post” not a “page” will it show up in that blank void space between the welcome message and the first post so I dont have to spend most of my morning tooling around the image options (that deceptively have a button saying “include as feature image”) and feel worn out by the time I accomplish my goal?

In any case, frustration averted and here we go… live.

May providence help this cause.

And check out the links at the side, I Love Graffitti especially- such a well put together news blog, seemingly covering the world in it’s entirety. Check out the link on the soon to be released book – Tresspass. It’s gonna be a killer.


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