Like no other place on Earth

Apologies, my love.

I haven’t been here for you, not in full respect. I’ve been here, you are always in my heart and often praise of you passes my lips before mention of anything else. You are my banner, my flag, my purpose, really, for living- but I havent been here for you in the last few days because I’ve been otherwise occupied.

It’s not that I love you any less, but actually that I had to add to items that support you. is now up and right there on the first page, there you are, first of the links.Β 

Now if you’ll forgive me I need a couple more days of down time before I get back to work on you, I feel creatively drained. I think I’ll work on canvas over the weekend and the change in medium, staying away from staring into a screen for hours at a time should help. We’ll get back to making you the best thing that ever happened on Earth by Monday, I promise.

Love, yours always,

Daniel Damian M921


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