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I am diverse – like the Universe

More like A.D. D.

But I have to work on many things at once.

I’ve had the image of a robot head in my mind all week- with wings.

I know, thats doesn’t sound too sane- much like the other burgeoning idea for a socio/ politico artistic urban art protest act I’m mentally organizing, but what can I say- I have great ideas and no outlet.

Like the idea to get people together through Facebook and have them all gather outside ABC studios and at the appropriate time, all feign passing out and dropping to the ground like the characters in the series Flash Forward to protest it’s cancellation.

Shame, not surrounded by motivated people able to make this happen. Would have been a great promotional opportunity.

But thats the past- this is now.

Robot Head!


Second Day- Going Live.

Not much to say other than it’s kind of frustrating finding a way to manage the settings on these blogs. I like this theme a lot- but jesus christ- do I have to post a picture IN a post – to have it featured in the Home Page Slide Show? And can it say that clearly somewhere that ONLY if you post a picture in a “post” not a “page” will it show up in that blank void space between the welcome message and the first post so I dont have to spend most of my morning tooling around the image options (that deceptively have a button saying “include as feature image”) and feel worn out by the time I accomplish my goal?

In any case, frustration averted and here we go… live.

May providence help this cause.

And check out the links at the side, I Love Graffitti especially- such a well put together news blog, seemingly covering the world in it’s entirety. Check out the link on the soon to be released book – Tresspass. It’s gonna be a killer.

Blog’s first day.

Working on a 3-d model like this (Google’s Sketch-Up) is time consuming and brain melting.

I’m lucky enough right now to be in a position where I can devote a few hours a day (at work) to this project, and if I have the mental fortitude, which I am ashamed to admit most nights I don’t – I can devote a couple more each evening and at least one day on the weekends (I’m single right now and would like to keep it that way until I make some real progress in this).

Still, I have a few other bases I touch on throughout my days. Maybe I’m undiagnosed with A.D.D. or maybe I’m just manic like that- but it seems no matter how focused an effort is- I always end up doing three things at once.

today i started by blogging (one of the bases I touch on infrequently) some thoughts out on a personal blog, just thinking/ writing out loud if you will, on this subject and how to proceed. Next thing you know I’m writing a proposal for the project and setting it up on it’s own blog. That’s just how it goes. That it goes, and that it goes somewhere productive, makes it so I’ll take it as I can get it. IDGAF if you know what I mean.

I was at a stand still with this little dream of mine before this week. I really didn’t have a course of action prepared as I toiled intermittently away at my little 3-d model. That was, until begrudgingly Β reading my unpaid for issue of the New Yorker, most influential people in New York issue. Hating that I wasn’t one of them of course, I started feeling inspired, or angry, or those being the same thing- and then I saw something. While reading the article on the anti-Facebook start up Diaspora*, there it was… A reference to how they raised funds on a site called Kick Starter. There it is, the next step.

Well Kick isn’t an angel sent from heaven to sprinkle stardust on my tusch and all of a sudden I have the funds to quit my job and hire a fundraiser a lobbyist and a construction worker, mainly because of it’s rules and regs, but it’s still something.

It gave me enough of a kick to get a little more n gear and motivate behind the idea.

And here we are.

Just gotta keep pushing now.

I’ll post more updates and progress as we go along.

Crossing my fingers that this is a day I can look back on while chatting with Oprah one day, telling kids out there who might be having a hard time figuring out what they want to do with their lives- like I was- that it’s gonna be ok and they should give me a call.