Like no other place on Earth

I am a graffiti artist- use me.

Throughout the scene you see things like this. Things that would be centralized at a place like Graffitti Park.

In this case the exhibitor is exploiting an open loophole in the present system, and to his credit for sure. Although I don’t agree with the open support for committing crime and the support for the dangers that would come with that, I understand the entrepreneurial motivation to take advantage of a situation that’s unchecked and simply market a payday out of it.

The case for Graffitti Park is at it’s core, the relief to the artist in the form of safe haven for the creation of their art and the creative control they would otherwise relinquish to opportunist marketing such as this.

What this curator of sorts is doing, would be a consequence of doing business at Graffitti park. In the Public Spaces, non-exhibition spaces, of which there would be two sections- the leased space and the open space, artists work would be up for a short period of time and then buffed or simply gone over by new artists. the resulting effect would be the one effortfully enacted by the subject of this interview, Thierry Furger.

In simpler terms, what this effort sought to create, GP would do by consequence of day-to-day business.

The creative control referred to would be in the form of the artist option to have their work recorded either by professional photography, videography, or both, and then they can select a personal printing or a multi edition pirnt which they would profit-share with Graffitti Park to market.

The idea of Graffitti Park is, I say at the risk of sounding self indulgent, a well thought out one. I am sure there are aspects of the graffiti world that are not covered, but so far as we can see by these posts, the need is there for a place like this.

Check out the article…


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