Like no other place on Earth


Baby… I just ran you by yet another pair of ears and received the “wow, that sounds like a great idea” badge of approval, so I don’t know what to tell ya babe… maybe it’s just a matter of time?

I mean, what aren’t you my love, Graffitti Park? You are a pillar of the community, helping kids get off the streets, developing their artistic creativity, supplementing or replacing the art programs suffering in your local urban area, more area’s once you franchise- you even keep kids safe in general by giving them an after school place to hang out- you are a museum, an exhibition space, a performing arts space, a venue for concerts and corporate meetings- and you are a money maker in other ways as well- by being a cafe space and a lounge/club space- as well as a location for film and video shoots- what aren’t ย you my love- what aren’t you?

I know it’s not easy to keep hope alive, but we must.

We must.

The need for you is ever present.


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