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Graffitti Park on Facebook

I made a Group- but then I made an Interest…

Groups have recently changed on Facebook- they are no longer the juicy things they were- they are now very… extremely… dry dusty and crappy- and it’s a shame. The Damian Dezign Group page for example, is like having an entire other profile on Facebook, it encompasses your other identity in a way. You can add folders of photos and invite people to your Group very easily. I created that group not long ago, before the changes, and luckily, am not forced to crunch it into the new Groups format. But if you want to start a new group, as I did with Graffitti Park- you are forced to use the dusty dry format that limits you to what tries to be a blog it seems- but even there- fails.

Well if you don’t know me, you don’t know I don’t walk away from a fight that easily-

I wondered if the pages one would click “Like” on, have they changed as well? Those are called Interest or Fan pages. To my delight- they seem more like the old Group pages- if they have changed or not- I do not know.

So after a couple of hours of struggle yesterday- wrestling with the new groups format- adding pictures of the Graffitti Park project as bloggish posts rather than in albums, and splitting my Facebook contacts into 20 person groups because that format doesn’t allow you to invite more than 20 persons at a time, and even then failing because for some reason 140 and some other digits are not understood as e mail contact groups titles??? I got online today and in less than one hour, did all of the same things I was frustrated with yesterday.

What’s more, I even had time to go into the Word Press Widgets and create my own source code to lead people from here- to the Interests page on Facebook- because apparently the sexy little code Fb wants you to use doesn’t work either, at least not in a WP text Widget. I used a Flickr code output and just changed the sources of information such as the website it leads to and the image it draws from. Bingo, code generated. It’s on the side there- take a look.

So the moral of the story is, if you’re reading this- click the link and “Like” my Facebook page for Graffitti Park- If you feel really generous- click this link too GP FB Group – and become a member of the Group (I don’t throw away hard work, even if obsolete).

It’s all (these pages and the Facebook ads running over the next week) working towards drawing interest to the concept and spreading the word now that it’s been Copyrighted.

This concept as you may or may not know is wide open for investment, sponsorship, even partnership, in order to make it a reality. I ask myself every day if it’s still a marketable idea, and the day the answer is any less than Hell Yes, is the day I drop it for being a waste of time. Otherwise, I’ll die trying to make this real, for me, for graffiti, for art, for kids growing up with nothing in this city, and eventually other cities all over the world.

I’m still working on the 3-D model, of course, and I would like to send out the e mail requesting endorsements, but I wonder if I should make the animation to go along with it first.

We shall see.

Out for now.




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  1. Excellent site i will do come back definately. Nice article.

    December 16, 2010 at 3:27 pm

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