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Copyright, check.

done. copyrighted. still working on the 3D model- getting hung up on small details, like vending machines in what would be the employee lounge… really? do I need such detail? reality is, I don’t know. I imagine the virtual tour as a literal walk through, so what good would a walk through empty rooms be? point.

(It’s not that I don’t know how to write- it’s that sometimes from a design aspect I happen to think the omission of the capital letter to begin sentences looks good. )

Or maybe it’s the madness that comes from a virtual 3D world on a screen 5 hours a day.

employee lounge mock up- for the purposes of the model the floor is translucent



New rooms in 3-D

Been working on the 3-D model again…

I’ll be putting forth an endorsement request e mail soon. Just a request to artists, galleries, suppliers of graff materials to review the proposal and maybe give me a line or two of positive feedback to post on the blog along with their logo. Who knows, some may be interested in collaboration, investment or partnership as well.

Oh, let me mention another aspect of GP that came to mind while throwing the idea around with people recently…

Of course Graffitti Park in its mission will have personnel dedicated to community relations, in that respect, a relationship with the Graffiti Squad here in New York would most certainly be established. GP would work with the squad to bring in the street artists, but we would advocate for their sentences to be commuted to community service at GP instead of serving actual time at a correctional facility.

The benefits in this if not obvious are easy enough to detail for you; A potential artist is saved from a rehabilitation system known best for indoctrination to a life of crime than the rehabilitation it’s supposed to offer. So instead of spending time incarcerated and networking for a life of crime when released, an individual can come to Graffitti Park to serve their hours of community service. That actual rehabilitation would come from this service at GP. This individual can learn how to use their motivation for vandalism if not their raw talent alone to make an honest living and contribute to the world of street and graffiti art. And of course, GP gets labor.

Here are a couple pics of the new rooms…

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Graffiti, Art or Vandalism?

An article written earlier this month by Jeff Bond at Capitol Hill Times… I came across this article via Left Coat Letters, a great website for keeping up on Art… On the West Coast- no duh?

Check it out, as it makes the case for Graffitti Park and the need for the legitimization of graffiti as a true art form.