Like no other place on Earth

The Plan

The Idea;

The Idea itself has been with me since about 2005 when I was working as an Event Coordinator for Prospect Park in Brooklyn N.Y. An amazing job with great people, doing things I was good at both in and out of the office- Managing Security for the park with my colleagues (two counterparts) and arranging and processing Special Events which would vary anywhere from helping out with a concert series like Celebrate Brooklyn or a cultural event or parade- and the occasional filming of a commercial or television series. Working in the park, providing people with a safe and healthy environment to recreate it occurred to me how great it would be if Graffiti Artists had a place to do their thing without having to run from the police as a result of their need for artistic expression.

Back then it was a raw idea, undeveloped, just some words jotted down on a sheet of paper. There was no plan of attack or real structure- needless to say it wasn’t the business enterprise that the concept comprises now.

The Plan of Attack as it is now…

Step 1

3-D Models

Status; In Development.

Master Version- (complete)

Depicting Graffitti Park at it’s best. Full execution of the entire idea: Museum/ Gallery, School, Community Center, Performance Space, Commercial Space.

Annex/ Satellite Version –

A smaller Start-Up version for the modest investor or Satellite version for the surrounding boroughs.

These models will have two uses outside of giving the potential investor or patron an actual view of what Graffitti Park actually is…

1. Digital model for the production of a miniature scale model

2. Backdrop for a green-screen film-presentation/ walk through

Step 2

Copyright & Intellectual Property

Status; Complete

Step 3


Status; 50% Complete

To build and show initial interest – 2 week burst – Dec 20th to 31st.

Net cast to North America, Spain, France and Canada. Scaled back removing Canada approximately on day 3.

Bid $0.30 per click, with a $10.00 a day budget.

Average approximately 65,000 impressions – reaching full budget limit almost every day.

Result; On the day of this document, Dec 27th – 99 “likes” on Facebook.

(nearly 100 public approvals in 7 days with very low exposure on and around actual Holiday)

May enlist Step 5 early, or a first round to keep up Advertising- as the stats do depict there is room for additional interest if the ad-budget were expanded.

Week 1


Week 2a

Week 2a

Update 12.29.10 – Current approval count is 129 persons. Surpassing the goal of 100 in two weeks during a holiday period, with two days to go.

Step 4

Endorsement Solicitation

Via e mail- seeking endorsement or approval statements to add to this site to assist with the generating of interest and to build momentum.

Logic being that if potential investors see the positive reinforcement from resources in Education, Art, and Commerce- it will instill confidence in the business model.

The same holds true in reverse- when approving parties see firm confidence from potential investors, they themselves will feel the confidence necessary to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship such as sponsorship for events or investment themselves.

Step 4.1

Update- 12.29.10

Create Mock Ups of presentation materials to be submitted to

Step 5 – Fundraising for presentation materials production cost.

Scale model, Mailers, Information and Presentation Packets, Business Cards, Presentation Video and other costs both foreseeable and unforeseeable, such as possible travel cost and payroll for hired help.

Update Jan 1/2011: proposal rejected by Kickstarter.  re: “Kickstarter is focused on funding for creative projects with finite timelines, goals and rewards for backers.”

Currently reorganizing the next proposal. I think the overall goal is clear don’t you? The rewards will be the printed materials themselves. Since they are copyrighted images they become collectors items that can be numbered and signed.

Step 6


Commit to presentation meetings & general outreach to lock down partners and financing for the actualization of Graffitti Park.

Graffitti Park Organization Chart - Updated 12.29.10


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